Fleet insurance, also commonly known as business fleet insurance or fleet van insurance, covers three or more vehicles such as cars, vans, lorries or coaches. By placing your vehicles under a fleet insurance policy you can benefit from greater flexibility, save time and can also potentially reduce your premium.

One of the key advantages of having a fleet insurance policy for your company’s vehicles is ease of management. Rather than juggling separate insurance policies for each vehicle, you can streamline your operations with a comprehensive plan.

Furthermore, in a comparison of overall expenses, fleet insurance often proves to be more cost-effective than individual vehicle insurance. If your business operates with three or more vehicles, you are likely to benefit from a unified fleet insurance policy. This single policy approach can eliminate the complexities and extra costs associated with insuring each vehicle separately.


Recognising that every business has unique needs, we offer customised fleet insurance tailored to suit your operational demands. Managing a fleet can indeed be complex, especially when it comes to securing the right insurance cover. Our fleet insurance policies are designed to keep your business moving.

Whether you require cover for a handful of cars, vans or a large haulage fleet, we’re here to help. We endeavour to create the ideal business fleet insurance plan that provides robust protection for your valuable assets. In this manner, we provide an all-encompassing solution, ensuring your business continues to thrive irrespective of events.


  • Provision for replacing a new vehicle – if your vehicle is damaged, stolen or written off, we will provide a like for like replacement.
  • Cover for built-in devices – insurance cover is offered for audio systems, in-vehicle entertainment systems, and standard fitted navigation equipment.
  • Key theft solution – if your keys are stolen, the cost of replacing locks or ignition is covered.
  • EU cover – we can also provide cover required by European Union countries.
  • Motor Legal Protection – this feature provides access to legal advice and covers legal expenses, up to a limit of £100,000.
  • Post-accident road assistance – assistance services for recovering cars and light goods vehicles post-accident, inclusive of transportation to a repair centre, residential address, or intended destination.

What is not covered?

  • The deductible, which refers to the sum you’ll be required to contribute towards a claim. Your insurance contract will provide details where such conditions apply.
  • Depreciation over time, tyre damage, and general wear and tear are not covered.
  • Failures relating to mechanical, electrical, electronic, or computer systems, including any breakdowns or breakages, are excluded.
  • Any legal penalties or fines associated with traffic violations or non-compliance to regulatory rules.
  • Costs associated with standard maintenance and routine servicing of the vehicle.


What is Fleet Insurance? This is vital for businesses with three or more vehicles, particularly those primarily dedicated to or extensively used for business purposes. Reliant Risk Management offers comprehensive insurance cover for your fleet as well as reducing premiums compared to insuring vehicles individually.

Managing individual vehicle insurance can be time-consuming and a logistical nightmare.. That’s why insuring your entire fleet under one policy is essential. It provides flexibility, control and a convenient solution for your business vehicle insurance needs.

Fleet insurance covers various aspects, including loss or damage, breakdowns, replacement costs, as well as legal and medical expenses in case of accidents. Reliant Risk Management understands the importance of tailored policies and offers additional options such as EU cover, protection for personal belongings, and trailer cover.

At Reliant Risk Management, we strive to provide exceptional service and claims handling, ensuring you receive value for your fleet insurance. We understand that many clients approach us after being let down by their previous insurance broker. We aim to earn your loyalty by offering timely advice, competitive premiums, and excellent customer service.

Take the first step in saving on your insurance renewal by contacting us today. Trust Reliant Risk Management for all your fleet insurance needs.

FAQ - Fleet Insurance

Fleet insurance provides cover for multiple vehicles owned by an individual or business. It offers a comprehensive solution for businesses that use three or more vehicles for business purposes.

  • Cost savings: insuring your vehicles under one policy can be more cost-effective compared to insuring them individually.
  • Simplified administration: managing a fleet of vehicles can be time-consuming and complex. Fleet insurance streamlines the process by providing a single policy for all vehicles, making administration easier.
  • Flexibility and control: with fleet insurance, you have the flexibility to add or remove vehicles as needed 
  • Is fleet insurance cheaper than individual insurance? Yes, fleet insurance can prove cost-effective. By combining all vehicles under one policy, you can benefit from lower premiums.
  • Loss or damage: protection against damage or loss to vehicles due to accidents, theft, or other covered events.
  • Breakdown assistance: roadside assistance and repairs in case of breakdowns.
  • Legal and medical expenses: support for legal and medical costs resulting from accidents.

Yes, fleet insurance policies can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. Additional coverage options, such as EU cover, protection for personal belongings, and trailer coverage, can be included based on your requirements.

At Reliant Risk Management, we understand the importance of providing tailored fleet insurance policies and excellent customer service. We strive to earn your loyalty by offering competitive premiums, timely advice, and efficient claims handling. Our goal is to ensure that you receive value and peace of mind for your fleet insurance needs.